Ginger spring onion rice




Sweet pundi

Pundi- one more common dish from Mangalore. Usually we have sweet dishes on festivals. Example – “manjolu ireta gatti”. So this is kind of easier version of festival dish for people like me 🙂
Its very tasty and just gives extra flavor on special occasions.

Preparation :
1. Soak rice overnight. grind it and make it thin paste. Add little poha for softness and salt for taste.
2. Keep jaggery and coconut aside. Mix both of them. You can add elaichi for flavor.
3. Take a vessel, add the paste keep it in low heat and stir well till it becomes thick. Once it is think enough, take it out from heat.
4. take a small part of hard paste , make a small ball , press it, add jaggery and coconut mix. Close the paste, make it round again 🙂
5. The above step need to be performed when paste is hot or else it will be very hard to stuff inside and may break.
6. Same time keep steamer on heat. Keep the pundi in the steamer for 20-30 mins depending on which steamer you use.
7. Electrical steamer will take 30 mins. Our normal authentic steamer(tonduru) require only 20 mins.

My Deepavali sweet is ready!

Chicken biriyani

Chicken biriyani – who doesn’t like it? At the same time, every biriyani is not tasty. There are only some places where you really get a good biriyani.

You can try this recipe and check if you like this idea.

Uddina Dose

People from mangalore may not find great about publishing this dosa. Because it is very common. In my house, this used to be a sunday breakfast most of the time. Mom is expert in this..

Mutter paneer

First time when I prepared, watched a recipe in youtube and made some changes as per my usage 🙂 It turned out to be good. So now use the same recipe if I prepare mutter paneer.

Preparation :
– Fry the paneer in ghee and keep aside.
– Cooked Peas (I used the frozen peas and kept in oven for 2 mins)
– 1 onion, 1 tomato, ginger garlic, pinch of turmeric – fry all together in a pan with little oil. Then grind it.
– Take a pan, add ghee and keep in low fume. Add 2 bay leaves, 2-3 cloves, 2 elaichi, little geera. Add the paste, panner, peas and add garam masala, coriander, geera powder. Add ingredients as per taste (You can add lime water if you like). Cook well for 15-20 mins. Garnish with coriander leaves.
– The mutter paneer ready!

Kori Sukka (Chicken sukka)

Kori sukka.. Yummy.. with kori rotti, kori sukka also a common dish in Mangalore. It tastes different in different places. It also called as Kondapur chicken.

Methi Dosa (Mette Dose)

This is another favorite one learnt from mom’s kitchen.. She used to server me hot dosa with ghee when I return from school/college.. Wow.. its amazing.. She also says that this dosa is good for health as methi cools the body.

Ingredients : 1 cup rice, 1 small spoon methi (should not use more, as it may give bitter taste) – soak it 5-8 hrs.
Grind both along with shredded coconut, jaggery as per taste, pinch of jeera ( for extra smell and taste), little beaten rice for softness. Stir it well and keep it for 10-12 hrs. More you keep, better the softness..

Now the dosa batter is ready for use!