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Mango phirni

Mango phirni

Mango phirni



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Paani puri

Paani puri 1

Paani puri 3

Paani puri 4

Paani Puri!!!
Ahh!! this is something every one enjoy eating.. Sometime back came to know that its easy to prepare at home.. We get puri and paani-puri masala ready made. I just add masala powder + water + little lime + little salt. Use either potato or channa dry curry.
You can have any amount of pani puri, no restrictions + you can guarantee pure and safe water 🙂 . I think after I started preparing at home, I stopped having outside 😉

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Ghee rice

Ghee rice 2

Ghee rice 1

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prawn gassi 1

prawn gassi 2

prawn gassi 3

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Banana fritters



Banana fritters.. Wow!! delicious and easy to make!
Since this has less of banana and more of rava and coconut, you have less banana flavor which makes it more tastier.

Today evening when I came back from office, thought of preparing something sweet, which you like in this cold weather. I had a banana lying on the table. So googled to check sweet dishes from banana. There you go, I found this recipe. 15-20 mins, banana flitter was ready.
Thanks to youtube link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBTYADIBeqk, just added cardamom for flavor and less jaggery than told.

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Sajjige Bajil



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