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A perfect dinner for people who want to avoid carbs!
Salmon : Prepare the paste using red chilly powder, pinch of turmeric, pepper, ginger garlic paste, salt and use lime instead of water. Marinate the fish and keep for 30 mins. Later place in oven (350 degree F) for 25 mins.
Green mean Smoothie : One green apple, half cucumber, one leaf of celery, little spinach (if you like, not mandatory), little ginger, 1/4th lime juice, 1 tsp honey. Use ice cube or little water while grinding. This serves two.


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Genda adde

A famous mangalore dish made up of – methi, rice and coconut.
Ingredients I used – 1 cup rice, 1/2 tsp methi, 1/4th shredded coconut, little jeera, little beaten rice,1 onion, jaggery as per taste, ghee to roast ans pinch of salt.
1. Rice and methi – soak 6-8 hrs..
2. Grind it with coconut,jaggery , jeera, beaten rice. Make it slight watery..
3. Keep the cooker in low flame, Now Fry onion in ghee and wait till it turns to golden brown.
4. Add the mix and stir well for 5 mins..
5. Close the lid.. keep the flame in 4 if maximum is 10. Cook for 25 mins.
6. Once cooked wait minimum 4-5 hrs to cool down.

This dish has lot of memories. The authentic one prepared using charcoal. Mom used to prepare this way. In recent years this is replaced by cooker – cooked in low flames. But the taste can never match with authentic one.

College days, mom used to give it for lunch. My friends Ranjeeth and Sunil never failed to eat.. Even now we talk about this adde and of-course gulaab jamoon 🙂

This is sweet dish. So obviously Sandeep never says No for this!

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Kori rotti

The famous mangalore dish.. I prepared here after a long gap.. I didn’t know where I get the rotti, googled, found it! This time it was a big burp!

My dad like it so much that every sunday mom used to prepare kori rotti.. Even now mom continues it..
Before I shifter to bangalore, with my sister Swathi and cousin Deepthi – ate every time like never had it before.. Ahh..Those were the days! we used to eat without thinking about calories..

In fact this is every mangalorian favourite dish!

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Egg curry

Delicious egg curry… burp!

Bored of my usual way of egg curry.. I tried little different and it came out really good..
Sandeep mentioned “its awesome” every time he ate it..

Hmmm.. you should learn from me, how to praise your own preparation!

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Heerkai sippe chutney

This is a chutney made from outer shell of ribbed gourd. Delicious! Its my all time favorite..
Ingredients I used : boiled shell of 1 ribbed gourd, one green chilly, little fried onion-ginger-garlic, shredded coconut and salt .
Grind all the above ingredients and tadka for better taste..
Its very rare that people know about this chutney.. You can prepare even from outer shell!

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Tusu Tegu!

Tusu tegu – A Little burp!

Simply, a burp signifies that a thing has gone well!

I have started with this blog to capture my thoughts(Tusu maatu),  my kitchen (tusu aduge), some sports (Tusu aata)..

This is just a beginning of my words… yet to make it better

Your comments are always welcome..

Thanks for visiting the page!

– Soumya

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